Utoy Creek Water Reclamation Facility

Perched on a hill, the central control room has a commanding view of the entire Utoy Creek Water Reclamation Plant. The main entrance passes over a water feature of three pools connected by a runnel that cascades sixty feet from the highest to the lowest pool.

Inside, the lobby overlooks the laboratory. The interior windows in the lab allow visitors to observe the lab work without disturbing the work or entering the actual lab area. The windows also serve to introduce additional outdoor light into the labs, thus reducing the cost of artificial light. A further benefit of this arrangement allows office workers to have visual contact with lab personnel and come to their aid if there is an accident.

Elevators carry visitors to the auditorium where frequent industry conferences and meetings are held. Adjacent to the auditorium is a cafeteria with a balcony that provides outdoor seating and a view of the cascading water.

  • Owner: City of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Cost: $18,000,000
  • Area: 30,000 sq ft