North Area Water Treatment Facility

The North Area Water Treatment Facility was a project to provide a new source of water for Fulton County and Atlanta, Georgia. Beginning in 1985, Studio ALA’s predecessor firm, Cheeks/Hornbein Architects, designed five of the original buildings. As part of the 2.5 plant expansion of 2000, we designed a new building and renovated three of the original buildings.

The renovations were to the Fresh Water Intake Building, an added conference room to the Administrative Building, a refurbished Solids Dewatering Building, and a new Sludge Pump Building.

Because the plant was located within a residential community one of the most pressing design concerns was finding a way to reduce the scale of large industrial buildings to make them more compatible with the residential neighbors. Peaked roofs and contrasting brick colors create patterns that break up the large building forms. The buildings are oriented so the narrow elevations face the neighboring homes.

  • Owner: Fulton County-City of Atlanta, Georgia
  • Original construction cost: $160 million ($17 million for buildings and landscaping)
  • Scope: 6 Process Buildings