Welcome All Community Center Roof Replacement

The Welcome All roof was built in two sections – a metal roof over the Natatorium designed for the 1996 Olympics and a single-ply PVC roof over the older section of the building.

Chlorine in the Natatorium pool corroded some of the fastening screws for the metal portion of the roof. The affected metal panels were removed for reuse. New clips and coated fastening screws replaced the damaged ones and the metal panels were reinstalled.

On the remaining roof section leaks had developed along the skylights and curbing. This roof section was completely removed and replaced with new insulation and a single-ply TPO membrane.

New flashing details were designed in order to prevent leaking at the skylights and curbing.

  • Owner: Fulton County
  • Cost: $450,000
  • Area: 29,900 sq ft

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