About Studio ALA

Studio ALA is an architectural design studio based in Atlanta, Georgia. We design built environments where the people who live or work in our buildings have a place that helps them realize their aspirations.

We begin each project by asking our client "What are your values and goals?" As designers, our objective is to understand the abstract values our client wants embodied in his/her new building. From that understanding, agreed upon guiding design principles are established.

Our next step is to conduct an integrated design workshop, during which all members of the design team; the owners, the building operations and maintenance personnel, sustainability designers, and other appropriate stake holders participate. The objective is to create agreed upon program details that adhere to the guiding design principles.

At that point the architectural and engineering drawings are begun with the assurance that the design process and construction process proceed from an agreed upon foundation that eliminates design problems and minimizes construction difficulties.

About the Team

George Hornbein

Is a founding partner of Studio ALA, LLC. He has been the Project Manager, Design Architect and Architect of Record on numerous government projects over the last 20 years, many of which have incorporated sustainable design features.